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on Sat Sep 22, 2018 10:22 pm
Nick (+ former nicks): Frogy (AsH/AsyoNa)
Name: Lucas
Age: 18
Nationality: Fr
Former clans: Black // SB // R* // Cpt.
Reason of leaving that clans: Black-> kicked // SB -> inactive clan // R* problem with CL // Cpt. Delete clan
Your MTA:SA career (daily / weekly activity, server where are you playing, history etc.): I start play since 2016 in Day-Z server, December 2016 i start play on miki server shooter mod first, since 2017, september, i go in OSDM mods, i tell me so ez so i go in DM mod. As regards my activity, my parents are divorced, so can play only when i'm with my dad, wednesday but more the weekends, i play only on miki server since 2017 and before on Day-Z server since 2016. Thanks for ready Smile
Something about you (more informations -> better evaluation): I like potatoes very much and chips, and McDonalds Trump Smile Y'es i do joke so i'm joker Very Happy

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