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on Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:39 am
Nick (+ former nicks):
DeX, DexteR
13 ( this year 14 )
Czech Republic
Former clans:
Reason of leaving that clans:
Reason, of leaving from these clans were simple, it was neactivity or i want be in better clan.
Your MTA:SA career (daily / weekly activity, server where are you playing, history etc.):
My MTA:SA career started like 3 or 4 years ago, i started on DM and Shooter. My activity? I play MTA like 3 hours daily. Sometimes i dont have time to play.  I'm playing on MIKI, sometimes on TFF.
Something about you (more informations -> better evaluation):
My name is Jakub Szotkowski. Im 13 years old and i will go to 8th class. Most people are thinking about my surname that im from Poland, but it isnt true. My favorite colors are Blue and Orange. I like to listening Metal or Alternative. I like to play on my electric guitar, which i get for Christmas. My favorite bands are Kabát, System of a Down and Divoký Bill. I very like playing MTA ( RP, MIKI Server ). My favorite films are Star Wars, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Fast & Furious. My hobbies are playing soccer football, cars, motorcycles or table tennis. I play soccer football for our village team as a Midfielder. My favorite soccer is Lacazzete, he is playing for Arsenal F.C. My favorite food is Cheeseburger ( idk why ). My favorite place, where i was is Prague. On PC im making graphic, but not the professional. I like collecting energy drink cans. Im good in English, now we have in school Russian Language. My favorite hockey player is Crosby and my favorite hockey team is HC Oceláři Třinec and Pittsburgh Penguins. I have a dog, he has 3 years. Im good in learning, in school im successful in English competitions or sports competitions. On PC i started when i have 3 years ( ye, it's true ).
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